KRHPA Certification Video

Most valuable training I’ve ever completed …
“Katherine Roberts’ Human Performance for Athletes Level 1 Certification was the most valuable training I’ve ever completed. This program was enriched with practical and sports-specific anatomy and biomechanics study, as well as mindfulness. We spent adequate time practicing, moving, refining our hands-on adjustments, all interspersed with intelligent and enlightened discussion. The manual is remarkable. Well written, easy to comprehend, with beautiful images and descriptive infographics. The section on mindfulness was a special treat, as was our guest speaker and meditation facilitator.

I would highly recommend this comprehensive program to any yoga teacher, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, or anyone interested in learning more about their own body and mind, and how to become a more evolved human being. We are all athletes, this empowering program is for everyone.”

Sara P., KRHPA Certified Instructor


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