Katherine Roberts’ Human Performance for Sports™ is dedicated to elevating performance for athletes at all levels, across all sports. 

With vast training and expertise in the biomechanics of functional movement, we integrate yoga, pilates, and mindset conditioning into a powerful methodology specific to sport, position and the individual athlete to:

  • help the body move better and more freely with greater range of motion;
  • achieve greater mobility, stability and flexibility;
  • enhance mental focus and concentration;
  • better manage energy;
  • minimize the effects of past/current injuries; and
  • reduce the risk of future injury.

Simply put, we help athletes perform better, feel better, and achieve more.


Katherine Roberts

  • Founder & President, Katherine Roberts’ Human Performance for Sports™
  • Founder & President, Katherine Roberts’ Yoga for Golfers®
  • Founder & President, Katherine Roberts’ Human Performance Pilates™
  • GIFT Fellow (Gray Institute for Functional Transformation), Applied Functional Science & Chain Reaction Biomechanics
  • Certified in FAFS (Fellow of Applied Functional Science®), Gray Institute
  • Certified in FMR (Functional Manual Reaction®), Gray Institute
  • Educated in PRI Baseball and MyoKinetic Restoration & Vision
  • TPI, FMS, & NG360-certified
  • CHEK Golf Biomechanics
  • Yoga Certification E-RYT
  • Advanced Classical Pilates (950 hours)
  • Power Pilates Advanced Certified
  • Nike® Swoosh Elite Athlete & Advisory Staff Member
  • Honorary Director, PGA of Canada
  • NSCA Member (National Strength and Conditioning Association)

Katherine Roberts, founder of Human Performance Pilates™, a division of Katherine Roberts Human Performance for Sports™, is a leader in incorporating Pilates into her athletes’ strength and conditioning programming. As a multidisciplinary movement specialist, her clients, including those in Major League Baseball, value her expertise especially in the area of Pilates, as well-evidenced by her 16th season working with MLB players. 

Her paramount goal is to help athletes and sports enthusiasts achieve maximum performance. Additionally, Roberts is founder of Yoga for Golfers® (YFG) and has YFG-certified instructors in 24 countries who share her sought-after YFG methodology.

Roberts is a Nike Swoosh Elite Athlete and Advisory Staff Member. She’s also an engaging speaker. Well-informed and witty, she’s a natural presenter who enjoys sharing knowledge while interacting with her audience at events spanning crowds from 500 to 5,000. 

Her cutting-edge, proprietary movement system approach integrates Pilates, yoga, science, and proprietary sports conditioning strategies into one powerful regimen that resonates well with athletes wanting to improve their performance.

Roberts’ qualifications include a series of professional certifications: Advanced Classical Pilates, Yoga E-RYT, and Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) Fellow with a specialty in Chain Reaction Biomechanics. She’s also certified in TPI, FMS, PRI, and CHEK Golf Biomechanics. Roberts is the author of two books as well as ongoing, digital media content, focused on her highly effective performance and science-based methodology. 


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